About Me


I am a qualified and insured yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance.  My qualification is not specific to any one yoga discipline, as I believe there is much to be gained from being able to draw from different traditions in order to provide varied classes that meet student’s needs. I love to share my passion for yoga, and its benefits. 

I am also a pre and post natal trained teacher – and can happily adapt general classes for pregnancy students, or love to offer dedicated pregnancy and post natal classes – as yoga can really offer additional benefits for both Mum and baby at these amazing life stages.

Having practised yoga for over 10 years – I have sampled liberally from the various types of yoga (and exercise classes from Ravercise to Hula-Hooping!) out there.  I have been lucky to have been taught by brilliant teachers – each with their own style and body of knowledge that I have sought to absorb.

Having worked in various hectic operational roles in the NHS for over 12 years, yoga has been of tremendous value in helping me refocus, build emotional and mental resilience, manage stress and find ‘space’ for myself in a busy environment.  I most love vigorous flow forms of yoga – and the athletic challenge that these present.  However, I also value practices which are more restorative or alignment focused at different times.  For me, different forms of yoga complement each other, and have a cumulative effect – building to enable continual improvement in the practice.

Travel, cheese and cocktails are amongst my other passions – I’m certainly no yoga purist!  For me, yoga is an important piece of the much bigger jigsaw puzzle that makes up having a fun and fulfilled life, moment to moment.  It doesn’t matter what the other pieces look like for you – yoga can fit!