Corporate Yoga Classes

Stress, depression, anxiety, back pain and other musculoskeletal problems continue to impact on workplace productivity and sickness absence – it is a critical time to invest in employee wellbeing.

Yoga can reduce pain and stiffness, improve fitness, and reduce stress and tension.  These are powerful tools to help your staff increase the productivity and performance of your organisation,  and offset the negative effects of hectic work schedules, excessive business travel and musculoskeletal problems from desk and computer based working.

Black Cat Yoga can come to you and deliver engaging, effective and friendly group and private yoga classes to staff at any organisation in London, at a very competitive price.


If there is suitable space, providing yoga classes for staff on site helps support staff to attend and draws attention to the value placed on staff health and wellbeing.  Alternatively, Black Cat Yoga can source appropriate spaces convenient to your location.

Yoga classes can be booked as a one-off or as a regular occurrence and can take place before, during or after work hours. Classes are taught by a fully certified and insured teacher, and I’ll gladly fill out any risk assessment forms that might be required!

Class sizes are capped at 15 people, although the size of the class is usually dictated by the space you have available, such as a meeting room or communal space.   If you’re not sure how many mats you can fit in the space you have in mind,  just email and I can arrange a time to pop in to take a look.   Prices vary depending on the location and the number of classes you’d like to book, but are always designed to be affordable.

Just email or call 07736279433 to make an enquiry.